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Having been a massage therapist since 1978, I’ve found it to be a wonderful modality to help many people, while enhancing my sense of touch. In 2004 I gained a diploma with the Hellerwork school of Structural Integration (SI). I integrate many different therapies to restore coherent integrity within the whole person. Therapies which have helped me, in my personal journey to optimal health.

What is Structural Integration?

Dr. Ida P Rolf, developed Rolfing Structural Integration as a holistic system of 10 sessions. “There is a pattern, an order in human bodies...When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously, the body heals itself.” Ida P. Rolf PhD

The Hellerwork method of Structural Integration uses a three pronged approach of deep tissue bodywork, movement re-education and dialogue. Voice dialogue is a method of going within using breath, to connect with our different parts. Often it’s our painful parts that are calling for some attention, as we release it, we take time to notice what this part of us might need.

How does SI help?

You can be PAIN FREE! “Structural Integration has helped my clients avoid surgery, prepare for surgery and offers relief from fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain.” SI releases myofascial adhesions/scar tissue which forms anywhere along nerves and myofascial layers blocking normal healthy function. SI is highly beneficial for Injury, sciatica, whiplash, scoliosis, RSI, carpel tunnel, TMJ problems, psychological trauma, pre/post natal balance, teeth grinding, respiratory problems and all postural problems.

Integrated Health Integrated Life

SI is a fast track to improving athletic performance, Yoga and Pilates practice, musicians ease of flow, it increases self-awareness and aids long term healing and prevention for any age.

Hyper Flexed    Collapsed    Aligned - Visible differences seen before and after being Structurally Integrated!

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Everything is Connected - Our Holistic Communicating Network

Integrated Health Integrated Life

The physical body is a fluid medium where our bones act as spacers within our structure. Fascia is the gluey elastic network connecting to and into all cells, forming a body-wide adaptive system. Fascial layers glide and slide as collagen gel bubbles (which are 80% water) ease the small movements between the skin and the underlying tissue. Fascia has a piezo-electric characteristic, it operates like an instant electrical system. Mechanical and electromagnetic information combined with chemical signals tells all cells what to do.

Our cells need space, if this is restricted by patterns of strain, injury, or thinking, our fascia responds by shortening and thickening becoming dehydrated and glue like (fibrosis) leading to chronic pain and stiffness. Structural Integration is a good prescription for people with chronic fibrosis causing trigger point pain in their body.

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Renew Your Whole Body

The Hellerwork SI 10 Session Series is one of the most significant means to keep your body enduringly youthful and vitally functional. Each of the 10 x 90min sessions builds on the previous session, moving from superficial layers to core depth. Resolving rotational compensations achieving structural integration within your whole being – often leaving you taller. You will discover, effortless alignment, standing centred in your strength while moving with a new level of comfort and ease. You will awaken in a new, inspired, more spacious you.

Body Specific Sessions   	$50  30min	$100hr
3x90min Sessions 		$420
10x90min Session  		$1400
10x60min Sessions		$1000
(payment options available)

Integration—Beyond the Technique

Restoring integrity within your whole being, increases your energy charge and information flow. The cleaner and purer your field is, the more dynamic and truer is the sensory information that eventually gets to your brain. This has long term positive effects on your immunological health, as well as in the sense of self and personal integrity which prevents future breakdown.

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New Science of Cell Signalling...

There is a cell signalling technology that is beyond natural - it's native to the body, bio-identical to what we make in our cells. 
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Ask me about this world breakthrough cell signalling science - get some gel from me and apply it 3 times in 5 min to those aching areas and feel the aches & tension dissolve...It truly is first aid in a bottle!



I work physically hard building and repairing bridges, culverts and railway tracks. I have looked after my body with regular chiropractor, acupuncture and massage every month. But I was continually in severe pain with my back, and thought I may not me able to work at all in my chosen profession. After the first Structural Integration session I felt alive for the first time. I have completed the 10 sessions and my body feels more elastic and flexible and I would never have believed that I can do so many more things at work now. I feel happier as my body recovers well each day. - Lewis Trusselle

I consider this to have been a journey of self-discovery. This is an on-going process but the Hellerwork has helped me become more in-touch with myself and its components and inter-relationships. From here I can only go forward. Thank you! Jeanette McCourt

I was bed-ridden for 2 weeks with my rigid neck, shoulders and back. When I started Hellerwork it was painful for me to stand and worse to sit. Hellerwork was a great relief for me. My body soaked it up feeling great relief from the gentle, soothing way of working. A couple of weeks later my body felt free of pain, more aligned, relaxed and straighter, and I had lost weight. Hellerwork has been a blessing in my life and a gift I can take with me to continually listen to and honour my body and keep it healthy. Thanks Debra! - Jackie Faulkner

Debra has brought me to a greater understanding of how I deal with stress & “hurry” in my body. She has also caused me to know that it is my actions rather than the aging process that causes the pain & discomfort in my body. - Ann Bunnell

Hellerwork has freed up my body and my life, greater balance, well-being, confidence, clarity and enjoyment. Thank you Debra! - David Coren

Integrated Health Integrated Life
Integrated Health Integrated Life
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